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Going for gold with ESOS phase two: Three lessons from Olympians

With the winter Olympics taking place this month, we have noticed a few similarities between it and the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) which has just entered its second phase (Click here to read latest Environment Agencies ESOS newsletter). The most obvious similarity is that they both take place every four years and are used as a way to promote “best practice” and excellence within their respective worlds. Another parallel that they share is the four years of unseen hard work and effort which culminates in success. Throughout these four years there is a process of continual assessment which identifies ways to do things better and improve overall performance. With this in mind, we are urging organisations to adopt the following lessons learnt from these athletes and apply them to the second phase of ESOS. 

Long term vision

The first lesson is to have a long-term vision of what success looks like. With regards to ESOS, organisations should view this as a way to maximise its efficiency, reduce costs and improve its performance, whilst ensuring its long-term social and environmental sustainability. Having this long-term vision informs organisational decisions and provides focus and direction to the company.

Goal setting

The next lesson is to turn the long term vision into smaller achievable goals with deadlines. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed with such a grand idea and be left wondering where to start. We know from experience that idea of ESOS can be intimidating for some organisations and could lead them to postpone taking action which increases costs and the likelihood of non-compliance. In order to help organisations through their ESOS, we have developed the following process. Depending on the level of support needed, organisations can pick and choose which steps we help them with. 


  • Management Briefing
  • Data Gathering Set-up & Advice
  • Implement Online Monitoring System for Data Collection
  • Collect & Verify Qualification Data - Incl. Consumption
  • Confirm 90% Consumption Level
  • Audit Planning and Delivery
  • ESOS Lead Assessor Sign off & Submission to regulator
  • Action Plan - Incl. Management Review
  • Evidence Pack management
  • Identify KPI’s
  • Monitor & Track KPI’s
  • Implement Saving Opportunities
  • Regulator Audit support

Support Approach

The final lesson to be learnt is that no athlete stands on the podium without the help and support of the team around them. Organisations might have the drive and desire to achieve ESOS but will often need the expertise and support of someone like us to make it a reality. Through the hard work of our in-house ESOS experts, we have achieved 100% compliance record for all our customers affected by ESOS. We have also identified around £4m worth of energy savings and helped prevent almost £4.5m in fines for non-compliance. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we could help you. 

ESOS Reasons Twitter Advert .png

Just like many of the athletes taking part in this year’s Olympics, we suggest that organisations start preparing now for the next phase of ESOS. Not only will you benefit from more time to ensure submission and compliance but you can begin to implement the energy efficiency and cost saving opportunities identified sooner rather than later. If you liked this then why not read our blog “The lesson my mum taught me about ESOS” which explains why organisations should complete ESOS. 


To find out more about how we can help you through the 2nd phase of ESOS click thebutton below and download our brochure 

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